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Di., 14. März


Polit-Forum Bern

Boot Camp Sprint

This Franxini Boot Camp – Sprint will provide a compact overview over the Swiss political system. The focus of this course lies on brief and compact information on the two topics «Research and Politics» and «Participating in the Political and Public Discourse».

Boot Camp Sprint
Boot Camp Sprint

Zeit & Ort

14. März 2023, 17:45 – 21:00

Polit-Forum Bern, Marktgasse 67, 3011 Bern, Schweiz

Über die Veranstaltung

In this intensive evening course,  participants will learn the key basics of the Swiss political system in  order to understand where and how they can effectively get involved. In  particular, participants will learn how to find the right addressees in  parliaments and political administrations and how they can effectively  interact with politics. They will better understand how to frame their  propositions for the political discourse, how to assess the public  impact of their statements, and how to protect themselves from  instrumentalization.

Participants will
  • develop a practical understanding of Swiss politics;
  • learn where and how they can get involved in the political process and who the relevant stakeholders are;
  • understand their role and the role of politics and can approach political actors with confidence.
Speakers and Topics
  • Rahel Freiburghaus (Bern University) «The Swiss Political System»
  • Hannah Schoch (Fraxini/Reatch): «Stakeholders at the Interface between Research and Swiss Politics»
  • Seraina Campbell (VSS) «Consultation Process of the BFI Botschaft/Message FRI»
  • Sophie Girardin (Parlamentsdienste): «Field report and tips from the political administration»

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