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Robotic Permaculture

Robotische Permakultur.png

What role can the current developments in robotics and AI have in supporting new land use strategies for food production and forestry in Switzerland?

Project Objective

This project strives to scale permacultures with the help of robotics and AI. Thus producing affordable and nutritious food in a sustainable fashion. The goal is to autonomously turn a previous monoculture into a resilient system of diverse plants, animals, fungi and bacteria. To do this two AIs need to be trained: A generative one to devise the permaculture and an iterative one for operational control while building and maintaining it.

February  2024

Kick-off Franxini Innovation Hub. A project group is formed and the project objective is defined.

Project Team

A project team is currently being formed under the leadership of Yarik Kuznetsov. If you are interested, please contact Yarik Kuznetsov directly.

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