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BEready: Bern, get ready
for the next pandemic.
Together with research, population, and politics.


What can we do together to better prepare the Canton of Bern for the next pandemic?

Project Objective

Our challenge is to raise awareness among the Bernese population about the concept of preparing for and researching future pandemics and to actively engage them in this process. When the next pandemic strikes, we aim to be ready with research studies to investigate the impact of the infection on the people in the Canton of Bern. BEready will be a so-called cohort study of households, meaning we will collect data from adults, children, and pets in households over an extended period.

Together with the Franxini Innovation Hub, we aim to explore effective communication strategies with the population and political decision-makers to inspire their support and participation in research that will enhance preparation and response to future pandemics.

November and December 2022

Reatch Ideas Competition 2022. The project group submits an idea and is selected for the Franxini Innovation Hub.

February 2, 2023

Kick-off Franxini Innovation Hub. Initial steps as a project group are taken.

March 17, 2023

Franxini Boot Camp Sprint for Innovation Hub participants, in order to understand how their issue can best be brought to politics.

June 9, 2023

Storytelling  Workshop for Franxini Innovation Hub participants.

September to November 2023

Preparation for the briefing from the Grand Council - the parliament of the Canton of Bern.

Project Team

The BEready team consists of dedicated researchers from the University of Bern who are passionately committed to preparing for future pandemics. With the BEready project, they aim to assist the people in the Canton of Bern in being better prepared for the next pandemic.

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