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For a dialogue at eye-level between science and politics.

With the Franxini Project, we foster a goal-oriented and trust-based cooperation between researchers and political decision-makers.

We are a trustworthy, effective, and independent partner for sciences and politics.

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We ensure that actors from
politics and from research understand each other.

Our offer

The Franxini Project offers a cohesive programme: Always with the aim of improving the basis for decision-making, we offer innovative formats and collaborative methods to strengthen the important dialogue between research and politics. As a non-profit association, we are independent and dynamic.

For one, we provide researchers with practical knowledge on the Swiss political system and offer coaching so that scientists can work together with politicians effectively. 
For another, with our exchange formats, we bring together stakeholders from research, politics, administration and civil society so they can share their expertise and together develop solutions.

For researchers:

Do you have research findings that could contribute to solutions? Would you like to know when, how, and where you can get involved in the policy process? We provide you with the relevant skills to work effectively with policymakers.

For politicians:

Are you in politics or administration and need to know what the newest research findings are for a given topic? We connect you directly and efficiently with the relevant researchers, ensuring that you receive the input from research at the right time and in the form that is relevant to you.

For partner organizations:

Would you like to enable your researchers to be in contact with politics and administration? Do you have a topic that needs to be addressed with representatives from academia, politics, civil society or industries? We will tailor our programme  directly to your needs.

Founded on the initiative of Reatch.


As a grassroots think tank, Reatch has been advocating for a research-friendly culture for the last ten years. With the Franxini Project, we strengthen this commitment and promote fruitful cooperation between researchers and politicians. Thanks to our extensive network of researchers and politicians, we speak the languages of both politics and science. This enables us to bring together stakeholders from both worlds.

The Franxini Project is supported by:

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The following organisations count on services of the Franxini Project:

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