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What we offer

The Franxini Project is committed to a trust-based cooperation between politics and research. We approach this from two sides: On the one hand, we help to translate scientific findings into the language of politics. On the other hand, we show which questions from politics need a scientific answer and which do not. The Franxini Project thereby offers representatives from politics and administration direct access to scientific expertise, while researchers learn where their expertise is needed in politics and administration and how it can be used.

A mutual overview is an important basis for effective cooperation – but is currently lacking. This is where the Franxini team comes in:

« Essential for scientists who want to have an impact on society. »

Participant Boot Camp Sprint

Empa, 09.03.2022

hannah schoch.png
Hannah Schoch
Co-Projekt Leader Franxini-Projekt,
Leader Franxini Hive
anna krebs.png
Anna Krebs
Co-Project Leader Franxini-Projekt,
Leader Franxini Innovation Hub

What our partners say:

Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

«The collaboration with the Franxini project was both inspiring and delightful. The successful and methodically excellent management by the Franxini teams allowed me and the invited guests to view this very multifaceted and controversially discussed topic in a completely different light, enabling us to focus on the essence. It was a pleasure for me to prepare and conduct these events together with the Franxini project. I hope that another collaboration will arise in the future.»

Swiss Young Academy

«The Franxini project conducted two boot camps for young researchers from all disciplines in Switzerland in collaboration with the Young Academy Switzerland as part of the Swiss Young Network for Science Policy and Diplomacy (SYNESPOD) project.
The courses focused on the parliamentary process, political administration, and how young researchers in Switzerland can engage in dialogue with politics.»

University of Zurich

«Based on a Franxini Fireside Chat with representatives from politics, business, academia, and administration, the Franxini project has published a groundbreaking whitepaper on the question of role distribution in the third cycle (doctorate). The Franxini project promotes understanding and ensures that respective independence is preserved. A constructive dialogue between science and politics is the best guarantee for a sustainable Switzerland!»
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