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Algorithmic Bias:
Building transparency and equality of opportunity in an algorithmic society


Do discriminatory algorithmic decision-making systems only reflect what is already there?

Project Objective

Algorithms are ubiquitous in our society. They influence what we buy, whom we date, who our friends are, and which news we see – and those are just a few examples. While many algorithms are desirable for personalization purposes, others pose serious ethical problems. The lack of transparency and potential discrimination by algorithms used by public institutions and private companies are not being sufficiently discussed. It is unclear to the public in which business areas and administrative processes algorithm-based decisions are being utilized.

This project aimed to raise awareness in society about the challenges of algorithmic decision-making and focused on the opportunities and risks for workers caused by the application of artificial intelligence. 

Maya Guido and Alexis Perakis are the winner of the special prize of the Reatch Ideas Competition 2020. Together with Amir Mikail, they led the   Reatch-project «Algorithmic Bias» in 2021.

November  2020

Reatch Ideas Competition 2020. The project group submits an idea and is selected for the Franxini Innovation Hub.

January 2021

Kick-off Franxini Innovation Hub. Initial steps as a project group are taken.

March 2021

Ideation Workshop. The project idea is being concretized. 

March to June 2021

Stakeholder interviews on the topic with experts from technology, law, academia, HR. and politics.

Project Team

Alexis Perakis, Maya Guido and Amir Mikail led the project «Algorithmic Bias - Building transparency and equality of opportunity in an algorithmic society» in 2021.

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